cf-logo gives thousands of people the platform to raise money for their great ideas. The people behind the great ideas submit them to Crowdfunder adding rewards, a project video, their story and images. They then spend time building their community and when we think they’re ready they launch their campaigns. Whether you own an existing business, want to launch a new one, are a school, work in the creative industry, need funds for a social enterprise, are a charity, or are just an individual with a fantastic idea then Crowdfunder can help you raise the funds needed for your project. Crowdfunder is the UK’s largest crowdfunding network having launched more than 3000 projects and having raised over £1.5m.


How They Can Help:

  • Crowdfunder is a great way to gain a massive fan base and test your idea out on the crowd, thus validating your idea.
  • If you don’t hit your target fundraising goal, you don’t get charged.
  • You choose how much you aim to raise. You can also raise more than 100% of your funding target.
  • You will receive your funds approximately 14 days after your funding time ends (banking times may vary slightly).

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Source: Crowdfunder