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CustomMade wants to fundamentally change the way people think about buying things. To put it simply, CustomMade founders believe that everyone should try custom, and they think that buying custom from local Makers is a viable alternative to buying from big box retailers. For that reason, they’re creating a platform that allows you to engage with customers for your creations in a whole new way. CustomMade is an online marketplace connecting Buyers who want one-of-a-kind creations with professional and passionate Makers of those goods. Born in 1996 with the vision to help people find the unique gifts, objects and goods they cannot find through traditional retail channels, CustomMade has grown from a community of 350 carpenters to more than 12,000 Makers (and counting) of all trades since its acquisition in 2009.

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How They Can Help:

  • Connects you with 100,000+ buyers.
  • Buyers connect with you by submitting a photo or description and preferred budget for what they’re looking to have made. 
  • Platform enables you to reach out with ideas or send a proposal to create buyers projects. 
  • Buyers looking for inspiration can browse your portfolio and contact you directly.

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Source: CustomMade Ventures Corp.