FlashFunders is committed to helping entrepreneurs raise capital for free. They are the first equity funding platform in the world that allows startups to manage and execute their whole seed funding round online.

FlashFundres welcomes all areas of business, from anywhere in the United States. Most companies on their platform are looking to raise between $500,000 and $2 million, but that can vary widely. Beyond the company’s outlined requirements, FlashFunders does not conduct due diligence on companies. They believe the market picks the winner.

It is free for startups raising capital on FlashFunders. Investors investing over $25,000 pay no fees, either. Crowd investors investing through FlashFunds are subject to a fixed $8,000 administration fee on the total fund, and a 10% carried interest on investment profits if your company has a successful exit. Investors are required to invest $25,000 or more to invest in your company directly. However, investments as low as $1,000 are accepted and pool into a managed Flash Fund that invests as one shareholder on your cap table. The company recommends that your offering is setup to run for 90 days or less.

How They Can Help:

  • Deliver your pitch to the world.
  • Convert circled investors with all-or-nothing investing.
  • Flexible funding structures.
  • Painless legal compliance.
  • $5M+ raised thus far on the FlashFunders platform.

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