Entrepreneurs create over 6 million new businesses each year in the United States, and yet only a fraction receive funding. Fundable has set out to change that by creating a business crowdfunding platform that enables companies to raise capital from investors, customers, and friends. If you’re seeking to turn your invention or idea into a business, Fundable may be worth a look. The Fundable team takes a very hands-on approach to help companies understand the fundraising process and launch their funding campaigns. From profile creation to marketing, they’re with you every step. 

Fundable was created by the founders of startups who have collectively raised from dozens of angel investors and venture capitalists. They understand the challenges you face as you create a business, and they’re happy to offer personal expertise to all clients looking to crowdfund. Since the company’s launch, Fundable has generated over $90 million in funding commitments from investors, customers, and friends. Those numbers are growing exponentially and this is a great thing for you.

How They Can Help:

  • New Breed of Investor – Nearly half of Fundable’s investors are Founders, CEOs or C-level executives. They also have a large percentage of subject matter experts who understand your product and industry.
  • Larger Raise Amounts – With an average raise amount 12x greater than those on Kickstarter, it’s not uncommon for a rewards raise to exceed $175,000 and equity raises rise well above $325,000.
  • Save Loads of Money – Fundable doesn’t take a percentage of your raise — that’s all yours. Instead, they charge a small flat-rate fee of $179 per month, and provide hands-on training to help you succeed.

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