Driven by a single question: “How do I find grants?” GrantSelect embarked on a mission to discover funding opportunities for all types of projects and programs, and to provide a platform to empower nonprofit organizations, academic research and small businesses all over the globe. GrantSelect is an online database of funding opportunities such as grants (for programs, projects, planning, start-up, endowments, technical assistance, facilities and equipment, etc.), awards, and fellowships for example. Undergraduate and graduate students, college faculty, post-doctoral students, and private sector researchers use GrantSelect to conduct numerous types of investigations for a wide variety of programs.

Research funding is available for the arts; humanities; biomedical and health care; technology; community and economic development; education; children and youth; environmental studies; alternative energy sources; agriculture; scholarships and fellowships. The types of research funded include: basic/fundamental, applied, creative/discovery, clinical, commercial, directed, developmental, fundamental, investigator-initiated, outcomes-based, professional practice, scholarly/educational, strategic, targeted, and translational.

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  • Timely grant information at your fingertips.
  • Streamlined database with nothing but funding.

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