On Hatch, you can bring your creative ideas to life by personalizing and customizing every product on the site to make it uniquely yours. Hatch aspires to be the home for the maker generation, a place where new and previously unforeseen things get made.

When the founders of Hatch started thinking about leaving their jobs to pursue what they loved, they noticed that there were millions of makers, artists, and designers looking to do the same. E-commerce sites made it unnecessarily difficult for makers to pursue their passion because they forced makers to predict consumer demand and would only sell batches of ready-made products. The startup team relocated to New York to create a new kind of e-commerce experience: one that enabled makers to easily broaden their range of products while making it easy for buyers to be involved in the creative process.

Sample Listing:

Sample Listing

How They Can Help:

  • Hatch helps you to meet your full creative (and sales) potential.
  • Hatch helps you expand beyond the products you’ve already made by enabling users to work with you based on your skills, past products, and creative aspirations.
  • They give you all the info you need upfront so the only conversation you need to have with your buyers is about the creative fun stuff.
  • Provide you with a portfolio of your creative work, interests, and skills that reflect your creative identity and vision.
  • Objects can be created in White Strong & Flexible (SLS), Cream Robust (FDM), White Detail and Transparent detail (both Objet); color and more.
  • Product delivered within 10 business days to customers globally.

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Source: Hatch, Inc.