Intellectual Ventures is the world’s largest buyer of individual patents. In fact, in a typical year they evaluate an average of 35,000 assets. They work hard to be your buyer of choice for both issued and pending patents. This means that you can expect quick responses and thorough and direct asset evaluations.

It’s no insignificant undertaking to create a new market from scratch. But over the past 12 years, Intellectual Ventures (IV) has built a high level of interest and commitment from investors, government entities, businesses, academia, and inventors to grow a market solely focused on invention. This ecosystem is like nothing else in the world. And as technology disruption continues to evolve at a feverish pace, the market demand for new inventions only continues to grow as the economic and business value of patents is understood. IV has built their business model around this market that they continue to help thrive. And they continually look for ways that invention can remedy the challenges that their customers and the world face.


How They Can Help:

  • Sell your patent. IV has expert knowledge of the market, will give you insightful feedback on your assets, and can close deals quickly—letting you refocus on invention.
  • Partnership opportunities. IV collaborates with more than 4,000 inventors at more than 400 universities, research institutions, and companies in nine countries across the globe. The end result—they offer inventors a viable method to map their ideas to active invention requests and companies the opportunity to efficiently access our network for joint development.

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Source: Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC