Publish, aggregate, analyze, and monetize your technical intellectual property — that is what has been doing for its clients since 2000. is a privately owned company dedicated to delivering custom solutions to help our clients capitalize on their valuable innovations.’s approach combines exclusive technology, expert researchers, and our own collaborative tools to design a solution to meet your needs. If you need to execute smarter searches, we have Semantic Gist. If you need a higher level of expertise, they have a research and analytics team built of engineers and scientists. If you need to seek out and leverage collaborative opportunities, they have InnovationQ for Universities and Corporations. In addition, The Journal (ISSN 1533-0001), their twice-monthly publication, is distributed to libraries and patent offices around the world, and patent examiners worldwide continually cite it every year.

How They Can Help:

  • Search collections of rare and unique technical disclosures and world patents.
  • Perform searches with advanced analytics tools to evaluate new discoveries.
  • Assess the intellectual property of acquisition candidates.
  • Locate likely licensing candidates for your invention(s).

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