Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes. They all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors and expertise.  A collection of tools does not define a Makerspace. Rather, defines it by what it enables: making.

A Makerspace is a learning environment rich with possibilities. As new hardware and software tools for making, digital design, and fabrication are emerging, we’re working together — with teachers and community leaders — to place those tools into the hands of a wider audience. is building the infrastructure for more kids and adults to connect to a future in which they can personally change, modify or “hack” the physical world, creating things that were nearly impossible to do on their own just a few years ago. Making is about getting hands-on, using these new technologies and basic tools, to do real and personally meaningful work. enables new makers — and makers of makers — everywhere to create spaces, find the tools they need, and create the programs for the spaces.

How They Can Help:

  • Network
    Get access to an open and collaborative network of educators and members of the worldwide maker community, all doing this work too. Share insight, ideas, and best practices from one Makerspace to another. Connect on a local level with makers on the ground and community partners who support making.
  • Project Library
    Flexible, modular projects introduce skills  and allow new makers to filter projects based on their own interests, ability, and available  equipment. These projects make it easy to get started and get better, and they’re backed up by all a facilitator needs to know to make the project work with a group.
  • Learning Lab
    Maker Media and the greater Maker community have already generated a large body of content to bring new makers up to speed on making. provides better ways for learners to discover and access relevant content.
  • Training + Support
    How do you run a class in making? Engage students in projects? Create the right learning environment? Mix disciplines? nurtures a vibrant community of practice among Maker-educators with online workshops & hangouts and in-person professional development. These introduce new ideas and projects and provide ongoing feedback and support.
  • Tools (Hardware + Software)
    Pre-packaged kits reduce the barrier of creating a space. has designed a basic “Makerspace in a Box” kit with the standard set of tools needed to complete skill-builder projects like simple chairs, soldering, soft circuitry, etc. Advanced kits would add 3D printers and other optional expansion modules.

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