Innovators play an important role in NASA’s technology transfer and commercialization mission. You may be surprised to know that every year a number of innovations at NASA centers are patented and commercialized. Some of these inventions have been incorporated into common items we use every day. These technologies bring value to the country, prestige to the center, and monetary rewards to the inventors. NTR is an easy step-by-step electronic reporting process used by NASA employees and contractors to disclose their inventions and new technologies.

How They Can Help:

Initial Awards

  • Publication in NASA Tech Briefs magazine→  for selected new technology reports—$350 per author
  • Software Release—$500 each multiple contributors/$1000 single contributor
  • Patent Application—$500 each multiple contributors/$1000 single contributor

Space Act Awards

  • Based on the value of the contribution, both to NASA and to the public, Space Act Awards in amounts up to $100,000 are available.
  • These awards are approved by the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board→ . Prime candidates are technologies that have been patented/licensed. Contact your center’s Technology Transfer Office or Patent Office for assistance with completing the required form (NASA Form 1329, “Space Act Award Application”).
  • Annual “Software of the Year” and “Invention of the Year” Awards→  are subcategories of these special awards.

Royalties for Licensed Patents

  • Royalties paid by licensees of NASA patents are shared with government inventors.

NTR Process

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