The Inventor’s Assistance Service is a state-funded program designed to assist the inventor to navigate the process from idea to marketplace by providing information, education, and referrals. The IAS provides literature about the invention process, workshops, evening or Saturday information clinics, referrals to appropriate service providers and resources, speakers to civic organizations, and one-on-one consultations. The IAS also offers a program called Inventor’s Assistance Program. All Oklahoma inventors are eligible to apply.

The mission of the Inventor’s Assistance Service is to provide guidance and resources to Oklahoma’s inventors. IAS provides information and services in the areas of intellectual property protection, engineering design, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing/commercialization.

How They Can Help:

  • Provide basic information packets and educational opportunities designed to help inventors learn about various steps of the invention process.
  • Additional types of assistance available may include creating technical drawings, making prototypes, providing a basic patent search, and giving manufacturing advice.

Selection Criteria:

Selected inventions are innovative, unique, and/or creative; are technically sound; can be manufactured with existing technology; appears to have market potential; can be sketched, drawn, or reduced to some form of visual format; offer an affordable and logical solution to an existing problem; do not have obvious safety or health and welfare problems; and can be manufactured in Oklahoma.

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Source: Oklahoma State University