The Other Machine Co. team is made up of engineers, designers, community developers, and physical makers. They like to create things; so much so that we started a company to help other people more easily create things too. The company’s flagship product, The Othermill, is a small, computer controlled, 3-axis mill that is specifically designed for use at home or in a small workspace. Their objective is to build a mill that is small, clean and quiet enough for use at home, and precise enough for high level electrical and mechanical prototyping work.

With The Othermill, you can produce custom circuit boards quickly and cheaply: make all your projects light up, beep and move. Wearable circuits, custom guitar effects pedals, quadcopter electronics are all within reach without having to wait for boards to come back from the manufacturer. Over time, this machine pays for itself in not only time but money saved on mail order boards. Even though the Othermill is optimized for cutting circuit boards, it can also cut metal, wood, wax, and plastic. It is great for engraving and milling 3D shapes for jewelry or toy making.


How They Can Help:

  • Flexibility – You can make anything. You can design things that don’t yet exist, and desktop manufacturing tools give you the ability to make them yourself. Like the desktop printing revolution of the early ’90s, we are at the edge of a monumental shift towards technologies that used to be out of reach.
  • Customization – The DIY movement has inspired a generation of people to think outside of the big box store and to create their own products. People are now creating their own tools, toys, clothes, transportation, books, and digital music. Desktop manufacturing expands the wealth of opportunities that will we have for making our ideas real and making them personal and in a way that is repeatable with good quality.
  • Speed – Computer control of machines means that parts can be made much faster with much more repeatable results. Additionally, when you have the ability to make your own circuit boards, at home, without having to use a mail order service for prototypes, you can iterate much faster. Without week or month-long delays, you can afford to be more adventurous with designs and get to a working project more efficiently.
  • Long-term Savings – The value of prototyping big things at small scale not only saves you time in the long run, but also saves you money on shipping for mail-order parts. When you are ready for manufacturing large-scale things, it makes sense to work out of a machine shop, but the more you can do at home on your desktop, the more money you will save.

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Source: Other Machine Co.