From their home in San Francisco, Planet Labs designs, builds and operates a network of satellites (they call them “Doves”) that aims to create an Earth imaging satellite network with open data access. In January 2014, they delivered Flock 1, the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites, made up of 28 Doves. Deployment of Flock 1 marked a number of first-time achievements in the space industry, and provides a whole-Earth dataset that is unmatched in its breadth and freshness. Beyond commercial and practical applications, Flock 1’s whole-Earth dataset opens our eyes to the beauty and ever-changing nature of our planet. Planet Labs is committed to creating commercial and humanitarian value with the market’s most capable global imaging network. Fresh data from any place on Earth is foundational to solving commercial, environmental, and humanitarian challenges. Their global sensing and analytics platform unlocks the ability to understand and respond to change at a local and global scale.


Why They’re Game Changers: 

  • They have successfully entered into an industry long dominated by government agencies and mega-corporations with innovation, lower pricing, and off-the-shelf parts.
  • Planet Labs team cares deeply about creating positive change and commercial value. Space and information technologies are their tools.
  • Their satellites fly in low orbits to mitigate space debris, and they use a resolution that cannot touch personal privacy.
  • Their philosophy is to move fast: design, build, learn, repeat. They’ve proven this is a winning strategy thus far.

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Source: Planet Labs, Inc.