Quirky is a young but rapidly growing product development company built around the mission of making invention accessible to everyone. Quirky’s thriving community members, inventors and product “influencers,” share in the company’s financial success as new inventions are taken to market. Quirky brings game-changing products to the marketplace through social interaction between its global member community and Quirky’s staff, taking ideas from conception to market in an efficient and streamlined manner. As an inventor, you have the ability to submit your idea(s) to Quirky for review, critique, and praise by the company’s team and community. When determining which products to make, Quirky considers factors such as uniqueness, manufacturing complexity, and intellectual property rights, yet they are committed to working on ideas both big and small that make life better.

Quirky’s Submission Process:

  • Pitch Your Idea – Provide Quirky with a short introduction to your idea. Provide a brief title, choose the category your idea falls under, and craft the best 110 character elevator pitch you can come up with. Make sure it’s clean, concise, and as descriptive as possible.
  • Create A Description – Describe the problem the world faces without your idea and explain the solution you are proposing to solve that problem.
  • Add Visuals – The last thing you will do is attach any images or videos to your submission.
  • Submit your idea HERE.

How They Can Help:

  • Give your invention exposure to a community of over 800k members (and growing).
  • Help to design, manufacture and sell your invention to a global audience.
  • Generates royalty income for you based on your invention’s sales.

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