Wefunder wants to give everyone the opportunity to invest as little as $100 in top startups. They helped pass the JOBS Act in 2012 and built a beautiful product during their time at Y Combinator. Thus far, they’ve funded 20 startups with over $2.5 million from accredited investors. And now they’re waiting for the SEC to implement the JOBS Act in the fall of 2014, so anyone – no matter how wealthy – can invest. Not only does this open up the pool of investors, and increase the amount of great ideas that get funded, but it allows startups to grow an army of passionate investors who truly want to see them succeed. Second tier VC’s will become obsolete as startups tap their lead users and customers for quick early investments.

How They Can Help:

  • They help make fundraising suck less. Spend less time herding investors, so you can get back to what matters: growing your startup.
  • Help you to raise a seed round in days wile providing access to the right networks.
  • Provide an army of evangelists. Crowd investors help with marketing, evangelism, recruiting, & connections. Awareness.

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Wefunder Campaign Sample

Source: WeFund, LLC